OSURA was not formed on a sudden impulse or whim on the part of a few interested persons. Rather, it is an outgrowth of a lengthy study by a special committee of the local chapter of the American Association of University Professors. These individuals were deeply concerned about the on-going welfare of those who had retired or were about to retire from this university. It was noted that there was no single office nor designated individual to whom newly retired persons could turn for counsel and assistance with the many problems involved in the transition from employees to retirees. A sympathetic response from the University president and from the vice president, personnel services, led to the establishment of such an office, appointment of an appropriate officer, and the preparation and distribution of a retirement handbook for persons in the process of retiring.

But how could on-going views of retirees be adequately expressed? How could their common needs and problems be resolved?

The committee, augmented by additional interested employees, directed an inquiry to a selected group of outstanding American universities where associations of retirees were in existence, some for many years, to ascertain the characteristics of such organizations and to benefit from their experience. Based upon this information and the perceived needs of OSU retirees, the committee authorized a questionnaire study of a sampling of Ohio State retirees as to the need for and suggested functions of such an association. The positive results from this study were interpreted as a mandate to proceed with the establishment of such an organization. This became reality in 1983 with Ransom Whitney as the first president of The Ohio State University Retirees Association (OSURA).

OSURA became affiliated with the Ohio State University Alumni Association as a society in 2016. OSUAA provides a wide range of resources to OSURA, including maintenance of membership data, hosting our social media, handling event registration, offering leadership training, providing meeting space, and advising on relevant University policies.

Altogether, the Ohio State University Retirees Association continues to meet the mandate outlined 40 years ago: to enhance the well-being of its members.