Board Past Presidents

2022-2023 Hallan C. Noltimier, Earth Sciences
2021-2022 Gemma McLuckie, Education and Human Ecology
2020-2021 Jerome G. Dare, Radiology
2019-2020 Margaret H. Teaford, Occupational Therapy
2018-2019 Steven M. D’Ambrosio, Radiology
2017-2018 Carl V. Leier, Internal Medicine
2016-2017 Shirley F. McCoy, Shared Services
2015-2016 Gerald H. Newsom, Astronomy
2014-2015 Hallan C. Noltimier, Earth Sciences
2013-2014 Raimund E. Goerler, University Libraries
2012-2013 Diane M. Selby, Honors and Scholars
2011-2012 Howard L. Gauthier, Geography
2010-2011 Marie T. Taris, Graduate International and Professional Admissions
2009-2010 Nancy S. Wardwell, Physical Activity & Educational Services
2008-2009 Thomas A. Willke, Statistics
2007-2008 *J. Robert Warmbrod, Agricultural Education
2006-2007 *Virginia N. Gordon, University College
2005-2006 *William J. Studer, University Libraries
2004-2005 Fern E. Hunt, Consumer Sciences
2003-2004 Thomas L. Sweeney, Chemical Engineering & Research
2002-2003 *Don E. Cook, Athletics
2001-2002 *Louis P. DiOrio, Community Dentistry
2000-2001 *A. Jeanette Sexton, Music Education
1999-2000 *Richard M. Hill, Optometry
1998-1999 *Isabel Miller, Early & Middle Childhood Education
1997-1998 *John L. Parsons, Agronomy
1996-1997 *George P. Crepeau, Art/Theatre
1995-1996 *Geoffrey Keller, Astronomy
1994-1995 *John T. Mount, University College
1993-1994 *John Schmitt, Plant Biology
1992-1993 *Chalmer G. Hixson, Health, Physical Education & Recreation
1991-1992 *Robert L. Bartels, Health, Physical Education & Recreation
1990-1991 *William C. Dew, Dentistry
1989-1990 *Garvin Von Eschen, Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering
1988-1989 *Mervin Smith, Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology
1987-1988 *Paul C. Leidheiser, OSU Cooperative Extension Service
1986-1987 *Lewis A. Hess, Health, Physical Education & Recreation
1985-1986 *J. Osborn Fuller, Geology & Mineralogy
1983-1985 *D. Ransom Whitney, Statistics