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OSURA Fall Conference

September 21

The OSURA conference will be held on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.

Register here: https://connect1.osu.edu/alumni/events/osura-fall-conference-2022

See the program below:


OSU President Kristina M. Johnson


“An Academic Lifecycle for the 21st Century” Melissa L. Gilliam, MD, MPH, Executive Vice President & Provost

Provost Gilliam will explain the goals for excellence President Johnson have established to make Ohio State the model land-grant university for the 21st century. The provost will then discuss the academic plan being developed by the Office of Academic Affairs.  She will describe how the President’s goals and OAA’s planning efforts inform our thinking about the lifecycle of the university’s faculty, students, and staff, including creating a life course approach to interacting with the institution through technology and digital innovation.


Group I-Choose One

1-The James Cancer Diagnostic Center: Raquel Reinbolt MD (Director), Dareth Gilmore APRN-CNP, Scott Rowley APRN-CNP (AP manager), will discuss the importance of early diagnosis in the treatment of cancer and the role the Diagnostic Center plays in making that happen.

2-Transforming Central Ohio’s Waste into Resources: Kyle O’Keefe, Director of Innovation and Programs at SWACO. Creating a robust circular economy may play a pivotal in addressing key societal issues ranging from supply-chain challenges to climate change. Kyle will discuss some of the efforts Central Ohio is undertaking to reduce waste and increase reuse and recycling efforts in order to create a more resilient community.

3-The Changing Face of College Athletics: Gene Smith, Senior Vice President and Wolfe Foundation Endowed Athletic Director, will share why the intercollegiate athletic model that has existed for decades is no longer sustainable. The ecosystem we serve demands change––political interests, legal issues, and changing demographics have changed making us to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

4-Old Bones From A Frozen Continent: David Elliot, Academy Professor, Earth Sciences, will discuss the digression on OSU Earth Sciences and Antarctic vertebrate fossils.  How come a dinosaur skeleton is in Orton Hall?



Group 2-Choose One

5-The Aging Heart: Carl V. Leier, MD, Professor Emeritus, Cardiology; Sitaramesh Emani, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Cardiology. Aging increases the frequency and/or the severity of most cardiac conditions.  These experts will focus on a common condition, diastolic dysfunction heart failure, and a less common, but very interesting Takotsubo (stress-induced) cardiomyopathy.

6-Adventures in Broadcasting: Christopher Purdy, Broadcast Manager/On air host WOSU Public Media/Classical 101, will share the fun and drama of broadcasting through Central Ohio, from concerts presented ‘live’ in Carnegie Hall, the Ohio Theater and local churches and concert halls, to unexpected participation from audience members on and off mic. Trust me, this won’t be dull.

7-A Deeper Look at Tai Chi for Falls Prevention: Sifu Mike Grigsby. As Head Instructor for the OSU Kungfu Club for 36 years, Mike has an intimate knowledge of Tai Chi Kungfu, balance, and body mechanics. He will present some “instant” lessons to improve your balance, to prevent falls, and how to land as safely as possible.

8-Future of the Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory: Andrew “Dewey” Mann, Ph.D., Director of Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory, Interim Director of the Chadwick Arboretum, will share the complexity of the Waterman. Waterman serves as a core for teaching, research, and community engagement and a university hub for leading innovative science and public engagement in the food, agricultural, and environmental sciences. It is where our many partners join us to advance knowledge and industry, communicate science, and prepare future leaders. The innovation district, Waterman, the Wetlands, and Chadwick Arboretum all comprise the Columbus-based CFAES system supporting work on the grand challenges facing society.




We will have the pleasure of listening to Ohio State’s exceptional Men’s Glee Club, under the direction of Robert Ward, OSU Director of Choral Activities, and will also learn how 72 voices, each with a distinct timbre, size, and vibrato, are shaped into a formation that best enhances the piece to be sung.  Nothing left to chance–every singer must have an assigned spot.



Group 3-Choose One

9-Searching for Habitable Worlds and Life with JWST: Scott Gaudi, OSU Professor of Astronomy. As the James Webb Space Telescope starts sending observations back to Earth, astronomers and the public at large are anxious to see if it will find evidence of life on planets around other stars.  Scott will share how astronomers try to find out the latest to answer that question.

10-Visiting your Quarry Trails Metro Park: Ryan Mader, Park Ranger-Quarry Trails Metro Park, will discuss information on the area, how it all started, the activities available, and the area’s wildlife and fauna. You’ll also learn of its present and future development plans.

11-A RITCHIE BOY: One Young Immigrant’s Journey to America…and Back to Europe to Help the Allies Win World War II: Linda Kass, Author, will share the little-known story of the Ritchie Boys, many of them Jewish German-speaking immigrants, who worked in US Army Intelligence and helped the Allies win the Second World War. Her novel, A Ritchie Boy, based on her own father’s early life, conveys the decade-long journey of her young protagonist’s life: of ‘becoming and belonging’ in America—from Vienna to Camp Ritchie to the theater of war and back.

12-Where is Ohio (and American) Politics Going?: Herb Asher, OSU Professor Emeritus of Political Science, will share the current status of Ohio politics and will provide the opportunity to answer questions from the audience.






H-13 –STRS – This session will include any changes to the members’ plans for benefits or health care programs for 2023 and an update on the status of their retirement in general.

H-14–OPERS – This session will include any changes to the members’ plans for benefits or health care programs for 2023 and an update on the status of their retirement in general.



Optional: TOURS (select one) Additional $10 per person

T1- WOSU Headquarters

T2- Arne Slettebak Planetarium at OSU,

T3- Combined tour of the Optometry and Dentistry facilities



September 21


Fawcett Center
2400 Olentangy River Rd
Columbus, OH 43210 United States
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