Stay connected to The Ohio State University after retirement!

Begin or Renew your OSURA Membership

  • OSURA is a dynamic organization that aims to enrich the lives of members and provide benefit to the University and to the community.
  • OSURA arranges many activities and programs every month providing social and educational opportunities.
  • We will keep you informed through our monthly Newsletter and website, featuring updates concerning the pension systems, health and wellness information, opportunities to volunteer on campus, cultural events and tours, and much more.
  • And your donation is a tax deduction if you itemize your taxes.
  • You can begin your membership or renew online or contact the Alumni Association Customer Experiences 1.800.762.5646.

OSURA Annual Membership / New and Renewal

  • To be eligible to be an active member of OSURA, you must be a retiree of The Ohio State University.
  • Annual Membership requires a minimum donation of $25 per year to the Support Fund, #315499, which covers both the retiree and spouse/partner.
  • Your Annual Membership must be paid by December 31 of each year to be considered an Active Member for the following year and be listed in the OSURA Directory.
  • All donations are tax deductible if you itemize your taxes.

OSURA Life Membership

  • Life Membership is encouraged and requires a $500 donation to the Support Fund, #315499, which also covers the retiree and spouse/partner.  It is available on a payment plan and the full payment must be made within a single calendar year.  (Life Members will be considered Annual Members until the complete $500 is received.)
  • All donations are tax deductible if you itemize your taxes.

Become a member or renew!

Please call the Alumni Association Customer Experiences, 1.800.762.5646 if you need to update and change any of your information.

Additional Donations to Support OSURA

  • Additional Donations, not used for new or renewed membership, may be made to Endowment Fund Number 605419.
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OSURA Associate Membership

  • The Associate Member status is intended for persons who are retired from places other than Ohio State University who are interested in membership in OSURA and can contribute to the purpose of OSURA but do not meet the qualifications for regular membership. We also encourage applications from persons who are employed at Ohio State and approaching retirement in the near future as well as those who have an affiliation with the University. Associate Members are eligible to participate in OSURA events, but are excluded from holding office and voting in annual elections.
  • Applications are reviewed for approval by the Membership committee.
  • Annual Associate Membership requires a minimum donation of $25 per year which covers both the associate member and spouse/partner.
  • If you are approved for membership as an Associate, you will be provided instructions on how to make your donation.

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